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I'm trying Somersizing and it seems to work good. Lost 15# back and forth-even over Christmas Got another 50# to go until I'm happy.
I was 115# in high school (at 5' 10"), but after 2 kids that really isn't realistic for me now.
I've done research on many other diets or life changes and I am a type of person who has such a hard time counting calories or carbs or fat content etc. Thats why I chose SS, no adhering to strict phases or counting-just seems more relaxed in the approach.
Dh seems happy to be getting more home cooked meals and even admitted that he doesn't seem to be eating as much because the food fills him up more.

The only thing I'm concerned about is that Dh has high blood pressure. Anybody out there had some issues with this? I usually cut way down on the amt of salt I use.
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