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Different "religions" in the Christian Faith

I am Jewish. That sure is a different religion from anyone who is any sort of a Christian! My ansestors never took that "leap of faith" that the ancestors of my Christian friends did. They chose not to accept Jesus as the Messiah... My ancestors chose to wait.. and to believe that a Messiah would come someday to create a Heaven on earth. That ancestry is what makes me a Jew. That ancestry is what makes me different from most of the rest of the world.

We as Jews have the burden, and the joy, of dealing with G-d directly in everyday life. We pray directly to Him. We are required to give thanks, ask questions, and plead our desires directly to Him. We have no intercessor between us and G-d. We are forbidden to pray to anyone else.

The word "Israel" in Hebrew means "to wrestle with G-d" We, the Jews, are "Isrealites"... "The people who wrestle with G-d" .... It has meaning for us on many, many levels.

So I have always understood the difference between my religion and the rest of the world... As I see it... the Christian world...

But.. I have never understood the things that separate the denominations of the Christian Churches.

I hope I am not asking anything inappropriate... But I have always had an avid desire to understand the fundamental differences between the religious denominations within Christianity..and why they are considered to be different religions by the people who practice them.
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