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Welcome Aboard Tasha-

This thread hasn't had alot of activity lately but feel free to post and I will try to help you in anyway I can, as well as the moderator of this forum who is "Lifestar". Losing weight isn't easy, I still haven't reached my goal of loosing the 80 lbs. but I have managed to keep the weight I lost off and don't follow any for want of a better word, "fad" diets out there. We have given up beef and pork and try to stay away from junk foods. It's a little easier for us I'm sure since we don't have children in our home. The only suggestions I can make is try to trim back on fatty meats and try some of the vegetarian foods out there like Morningstar and Boca, say for example the family is having cheeseburgers, go ahead and make theirs but have a Boca cheeseburger for yourself. Hope This Helps.

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