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About me


I am currently 215 lbs which is big for me , I have always been overweight, and I am officially sick of it! I went from 185 lbs (which felt huge to me at the time) to over 200 after my daughter was born, and this was mostly gained in the year that I stayed home with her, not while I was pregnant! ANyway, my goal right now is to lose 40 lbs because that will take me back down to the weight that I was in high school, and again, I felt huge at the time, but I would give anything to be that size again. After that , if things are going well, I will be more concerned with clothing sizes than with weight. I wanna go to a regular store and buy my clothes in the regular section. No more plus sizes. Maybe this is a lofty goal, but I'm gonna try.

For now I have just joined Curves, so I am going to try that for this month, and see where I get, and after that I am going to start up with a somewhat modified Atkins diet (as there are three other people in the house who are picky eaters)

So that's me.
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