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sjrussell: I am on week 2 of phase 2 and find this way of eating is very easy to stick with. We went out last night to The Mandarin Restaurant which is buffet style and I stuck with only those foods that are allowed - lean meats, salads, vegetables, fresh fruit and I didn't feel deprived and no one else I was with even noticed that I was cutting anything out. The Mandarin even has some sugarless desserts.
I have incorporated some suggestions from other books now that I am on phase 2, like making sure to eat a protein with any carb item i.e. never eating a carb by itself. I was having trouble with my blood sugar going too low in the first few days of Phase 2 but I am figuring out what to eat to keep it level and I am finally getting more energy! In the past, I have had to have a nap every day but the last two days, I rested in the afternoon for about half an hour but couldn't fall asleep so I just got up and I felt refreshed. So I can see the day coming when I don't need an afternoon rest.
I also notice that I am more clear-headed in general, not so foggy and groggy. Just a few of the benefits of cutting out sugar so far!
All the best to everyone!
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