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I just read an article on how to make it on 1 income:

Do the math-take your net after-tax salaray and subtract all work related expenses. These costs can include child care, commuting, dry cleaning, meals, manicures, birthday lunchs for collegues and other job upkeep. (This is what I did when I decided to stay home you would be surprised how much was cut)

2-Take a trial run simulate a 1 salary income while your still working. basically, look at where all your money is going! If you decide to stay at home there are sacrifices for sure, see where you and your dh can give up! ie: brew your own coffee, scale down cell phone plan, give up cable, avoid take out. Minor changes add up quickly!

These are just some of the suggestions in this article too long to type them all! Here are some books they recomend:

How to Raise a Family on Less Than 2 incomes by Denise m. Topolnicki

Shattering the 2 Income Myth by Andy Dappen and Andrew R. Dappen

You can afford to Stay Home with Your Kids by Malia McCawley Wyckoff and Mary Snyder

Also a couple of websites:

I personaly started my own daycare to supplement our income, but I didnt start till ds was 9 months old! It works for us but its not the most dependable income all the time. Good luck!

ps. I had to let you know the Dinoaur books you sent me from the trade/swap were a hit, Evan likes us to read at least once a day!
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