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Supplementing income from home?

Okay I am starting to think of a few things I can do to bring in some money while still staying at home with my new baby come June. My husband has agreed it is best for us and the baby if I stay at home with him/her BUT since I bring home a good amount of pay right now I need to find something to supplement. I have a home based business already that I am working to grow but will need more income during the transition.

A couple of years ago I made xmas wreaths and sold them so I can make a few hundred dollars doing that.

I currently bring home about 2K a month so the $400-500 a month I make doing my home business won't cut it right now. I thought about watching a few kids but don't want to overwhelm myself with a new baby and some other kids. Plus if I watch kids I will be back to where I am now where I don't have the time to grow my hoem based business.

Any ideas??
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