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Hi Trainlady,

I have contemplated this one myself.

Unfortunately, we live much too far away from grocery stores, the library, etc. to practically walk. I would really like it if we could though!

I walked to work and home everyday when I was single. I was in great shape too, without even really noticing the exercise. It was really nice, when the weather was good. I loved it when the lilacs were blooming and I could walk for blocks in that heavenly scent! There were several seniors that I spoke with if they were in their yards. It was really delightful!

Now, we have a house with the garage attached at the front and I never see my own neighbors much at all. The next home I have will NOT be in a new community with front attached garages. I now know this is truly not what I want.

Thanks for reminding me of walking in the scent of lilacs.
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