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cats and grand kids and stuff

HI poodylou
love your nick name
I dont work, job market here is null in a town of 3,00+ that doenst want to grow other than in drugs and all that.
I cant go get grand baby either shes in dallas. I spent a nice week with them sunday after mothers day. we had big time did lots of shopping and wedding stuff.
I been empty nester for about 3 yrs off and on, ds was last one to go and it took him getting into trouble to go. Hes going to be ok and he got me a real nice gift for mothers day. ususaly he doest or didnt care enough to. with a real nice card that fits our situation i know he took the time out to get it...
we have cats too i just got rid of 2 wild ones. so were down to 5 when they are around. we also have a poodle shes 10 yrs old and not too bright. dh put in new steps for me last night the other ones were too steep and was throwing my leg out of wackgoing up and down them any ways she was like too scared of the steps we had to coax her up them then theres piglet hes pure siamesse 9 yrs old and rules the house or so he thinks i swear that cat can tell time.
what time do you all use the chat room or dont yas use it. my other chat rooms went dry
well i need to go finish email and go get ready for church. were swapping preachers and boy am i ready for a new preacher. our church is so yuck and full of bull its not funny. I told dh im done moveing preachers in and out no more.....
feel free to email me any time im on yahoo chat as pigletcat2001 add me on your list if youd like to. i also have icq. thats gone dry too.
have a good day every one.
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