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I just found this thread.. New mattress.
Wow can I relate to this problem.

Both my husband and I needed a new mattress. He had lower back problems for 10 yrs. (2 ruptured disks) I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since my mid 30's. He was being cheap about buying a new better mattress. After years of lost sleep
I got completely fed up and decided that I had better do something about it. I had a high pressure job in a printing and die cutting plant.I was working long shifts fatigued, and the pain of my RA was killing me - often my legs were numb to my knees, when I got off shift they were so puffy and swollen. I saved and worked some extra weekends shifts for 4 months. Out of my pay
Then went out to 4 different mattress companies on a Fri eve.. I finally settled on a Spring Air Back Supporter Precision Plus ! An orthopedic mattress I probibly laid down and tried out 250 different mattresses. Had it delivered early Sat. morning. Got rid of the old mattress. Never told my husband. He didn't notice the switch right off. The first night - I slept better than I had in years.
The leg fatigue and numbness in my legs went away more than 80%. My husband slept well too. The second night he caught on and I admitted the mattress switch. We still sleep on this mattress it's 8 yrs. old.We do turn the mattress over, like they recomend.
And though my husband didn't ever give me a direct verbal apology, flowers showed up at work for me from him 3 or 4 days after I exchanged mattresses, and he scheduled a romantic overnight at a B&B for the both of us the next month!.
I'm not saying this would happen every time... but if your husband is stubborn, and your back, legs, whatever are killing you find a way to take care of yourself. I still consider it one of the best buys I've ever made!
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