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Dear Diana,
Don't feel guilty! You have a job right there in your home. Making a home a haven welcoming to friends and family takes work. I call it blessing my home and a way to worship my Lord by following His word to be a chaste keeper at home (Titus 2:5). We need not to worry about what others will think because we are at home doing what we do best and not out earning a paycheck. Money is not a true indicator of our worth! Think of how nice it is for your husband to come home to a wife, clean home, good food, instead of an empty home with no one to greet him. It is a home because of who is in it, otherwise, it is just a house.
Enjoy your labors as a homemaker, enjoy your crafts, enjoy this new time of life. You can still reach out to others by sending cards and making phone calls to the sick and shut-ins. You can be available to help out at church especially if you have summer children's programs. And, just because the kids are grown, don't think you've heard the last ~ they'll be calling for your sweet voice and your advice.
You have a purpose in being home even when the kids are grown. I think guilt comes from what we think others think of us. Don't let that kind of thinking take away your joy of being home!
God bless,
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