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I'm almost there. My two oldest are 20 and seldom home and my youngest is 15. I know I still have time left with him but he seems to be gone often or 'unavailable' to do things.

I'm 45 and I realized in the last week how soon this time in my life will be over.

I've been trying to justify why I get to stay at home still. I love being at home. I'm a writer so I have that outlet. When I don't do that I quilt, read, work out at the YMCA and I belong to a dance class. Just had the recital last night! LOL! I think it will be my last one! I didn't start dancing until I was 40 so don't think it's to late to start.
So any words of advice on how to conquer the guilt of being able to stay home? I also volunteer. I help the youth minister at our church and do the church website.

Is it okay to think I'm close to retirement and no longer need to worry about working?

Oh I have two dogs and a cat!
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