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January is a great time to start looking for supplies on sale. I've picked up cases of canning jars at small hardware stores in the winter in the clearance section. Also grab freezer bags whenever they go on sale. All sizes, as you'll need them.

You'll want a water bath canner and a pressure cooker. Good places to look for them are at estate auctions and second hand shops. I picked up my Mirro pressure cooker for $8 at an auction. I happened to be the only woman there that particular freezing day in Feb.

Finally, decide which you have more space for- frozen or canned. That will determine which you will do the most of. Me, we can a lot because I usually have half a beef and half a hog in my freezer along with 20 or 30 chickens I buy from an organic farmer.

So, I can tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, green beans, salsa ( which will use those hot peppers) and pickles. Plus I always can peach, raspberry preserves and apple butter.
I do freeze rhubarb, corn, and peaches soaked in orange juice.
If you need specifics PM me and I will be glad to share.

Hope this helps a little.
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