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Is it cheating to call it home baked if we use the bread maker???
No it not cheating, once when we were on a wagon train ride and someone was using the rubber tires another man asked him, don't you feel bad about using the rubber tires.
the man that was using the rubber tires looked back at him and said sir, if my granddaddy could use rubber tires he would have, problem is they didn't have rubber tires back then, now they do, so it alright,
are u going to give up your car just because people back in those days didn't have cars but wagon.
well the answer was no, so the man looked back and say well Im not giving up my rubber tires either.

point is if our grandmothers could have a bread maker some of them would use that bread maker, so go ahead and use it and don't think about it as cheating but as a pure pleasure of having something our grandmothers would love to have as well.

For my bread flour I store it in a super size zipped lock bag, and store it in the pantry and only take out what I need. and keep it fresh but without everything being in several containers.
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