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Pinkie Winky

HI I AM NEW here, saw your letter in the news letter.
I too am an at home mom both my kids are gone I am 45 yrs old
my daughter is 22 and lives in dallas tx... my son is 20 and lives an hr from us.
I do not work, I stay at home all day in this crappy town we live in. Inter net keeps me busy, I have a new computer and i love it. hasnt crashed once. well yeah it did when i first got it but it was programs in conflict...
My son is in rehap and aa. trying to get his life back in order he almost went to prison...
my daughter is going to be a teacher some day shes going to college and has a 2 yr old katelynn.... and a live in boy friend, they are getting married next summer, after she graduates. so to help pay for wedding were doing yard sales, craft fairs, fairs,
I am an art major I take art classes in the fall, and my husband and I bowl. There is no job market here so i cant work,Over qualified for what i can do. I take a few classes on line. free ones that is and they keep me busy some day I will actualy use the stuff that i have learnd..... ok off my soap box....
email me i will come in chat room that i found here yesterday love to talk.
jackie in hum drum arkansas
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