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We have done the first 2 weeks on the SB diet then I went off. Im planning on starting again tomorrow.

If you want a really good website to get many ideas & recipes from, go to and look at their SB diet forums. It is one of the best that Ive found. There are people on there who have been on it for a long time with great success.

Also, I bought the book but it is not necessary to do so. The only thing that I would buy the book for is the info. in the front of the book explains how your body processes carbs and what the plan is all about. On this plan, you dont count calories or fat grams. As long as you stick to the foods that you are allowed on each phase, you can basically eat as much as you want. It is NOT like the Atkins diet. On the Prevention SB forum, you can find a whole section on info. for newbies....I would recommend that everyone read this first, even if you buy the book. You will find that many people have posted the same info. that the book has in it.

Although I stopped this for a while, I can tell you that for the 2 weeks that we were on it, I felt GREAT!!! You cannot have caffiene or sugar while on this so I had major headaches from withdrawels for 3 days but after that, it was much energy!!!

As with any diet, this has to be a liefestyle change for this to work. One thing I will tell you is that once you are off of sugar for 2 weeks and then you decide to splurge ...same with fat or anything else, you WILL feel the bad results of it!!

I have a lot of recipes that I would love to share too.

How about starting a support group for SBers here? I would love to have the support!!

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