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Our paths rarely crossed on here I too have been a member since 2002 and 16 year Veteran here. We really had something going here for a long time I can remember membership being over 10,000 at one time and the pages were so busy you couldn't keep up with them. I learned so much here and met some very special people some I even met in person.. JJOJ (Jamie) and LaurieS. Very good times but sadly blog types are now a dying breed with so many other social medias. I am on FB so anyone on here can go there and request to be my Friend and join with others from here as well. I have many friends that have joined my page it isn't a structured page but we share what's going on in each others lifes. A lot has changed with me over the years, went back to work, quit work this year to be there for my husband as he battles cancer for the second time we don't know how long we'll have doctors say 6 months or 6 years we just don't know he's taking hormone therapy right now and if it gets real bad on the numbers they may try other things that right now would do more harm than good (2nd battle with prostrate cancer that came back and not treatable at this time with surgery or radiation. All the years of learning and sharing here on how to be frugal is helping us now as we pinch pennies even harder. Anyways.. I wish each of you the best of life.

Anna Gartin
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