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ISO Table Favors

" I am looking for something that I would call either a table favor.....littletokens of fun, etc. I'm really not sure what to call them. They generally are packaged in little bags, maybe snacksize zipper type. There is a poem attached with some type of food content in the bag. One that first comes to mind is a bag with M & M's. This poem is for menopausal women and the poem says...for this symptom, take the blue ones. For that symptom, take the red ones until it goes thru six or eight symptoms. It then says if you have all the symptoms, consume the entire package. I am looking for those type favors with other themes. They can be holiday related on not. I have seen something with miniature marshmallows pertaining to snowmen and brown Jelly Bellies pertaining to Moose trackings. They are funny, cute and perfect
for table favors or something to package and hand out to give someone a quick chuckle. Do you have any ideas, place where I can find ideas, etc.?"

Can you help this reader?
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