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Originally Posted by VicRae View Post
Just a thought.
But when my mom trained my brother many years ago, (as he'll be 49 tomorrow) she made him wear some nylon panties and when he got wet they stuck to his body and at the time he didn't like clingy things. That stop him really fast.

Another idea is take her shopping for some panties that she likes and if she gets the idea that if she wants to keep them dry they willstay pretty longer and she'll be able to wear themfor longer periods.

Good Luck, as mine had accendents until they were older.
One of my daughters would get so constipated that she had more accidents then we wanted to see. Took her to the urinoligist (sp) and had x-rays taken to find out. we had to give her small laxatives to help.
The nylon panties route is a good one, but I still think good old-fashioned diapers (cloth) with rubber pants are the bomb, when it comes to older kids and wetting.

Diapers and rubber pants are for babies, so older kids are more apt to feel embarrassed wearing them, and when wet, cloth diapers sag and droop, making for an uncomfortable bottom for said child.

The changing process of laying said child down in the crib and pulling off their rubber pants like a baby and unpinning their diapers, is a babyish action all unto itself, which I think works as an excellent deterrent, as does diapering said child before bedtime and keeping said child in nothing but diapers, so everyone sees and knows that they're wearing diapers like a baby.

My kids were told, dare you wet your pants, you're going back into diapers.
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