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I hope you get the pest control job.. I liked what I was doing just not the snarky people I was working with and the foul language. It truly was a blessing getting laid off from there as I posted $1.50 more a hour with the new job and no weekend working though they are open on Saturdays if you need to catch up on work just not open to the public. My new co workers are so much nicer and helpful.

Costco.. something to think about they do food demos here it's $12 a hour though it's not 40 hour work week but something to supplement till you can find what you need. And they do not age discriminate I had a 70 something customer that worked there when I was in the candy store. I pray that you will find something soon.

Chris.. glad to hear you are enjoying your new job so much too.

Connie.. I haven't kept up with your FB page, I don't get notices on your posts I had heard that Greg was sick but not all the details. Glad to hear he is doing better.

I got new kitchen gadgets for Christmas.. a new crock pot we'll be using tomorrow to make a ham. A Ninja blender haven't had time to get enough fruit or veggies to try it yet but super excited to have it especially for making milkshakes. Wrong time of year for too many of those but I had been using a old thrift store one that didn't do a very good job. He also bought me a electric apple slicer also does potatoes and a electric knife. The knife someone was telling me is great for cutting the outside off of pineapples so hopefully will make my prepping for canning pineapples go easier.

We have been truly blessed in so many ways this year even with the ups and downs of 3 jobs this year.. quitting Anthony Thomas in June and then the pest control and now property management.

Blessings to all of you my old friends I love each of you so very much.

Happy New Years.