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Good afternoon all!!

Meadow, those are amazing gifts from your neighbor. Not too shabby on the Not too shabby on the roasting chicken and stew meat either.

Chris, glad you are still enjoying your "new-to-you" job. Makes all the difference in the world.

Yes, I saw that each state is having different dates on which they are holding their job fairs. Mine is 1/11.

Have a phone interview at 9 on Tuesday for a different pest control company (Anna, this is the 2nd one). So each time I have spoken with the guy or called and left a message, I have been using my very best "customer service" voice. The other company that seemed interested, sent me an email saying they would contact me on Friday, never did. So I emailed the woman Friday afternoon. That's about all I can do there. But if I don't have a job by 1/11 I will definitely be heading out to Aldi's.

And I understand the Costco that will be opening in the "spring" (according to the signs outside of it, will actually be opening in February. That is literally 6 minutes from my brother's house. There might be a job there also.

I have just completed a little retail therapy. Yesterday I went to Walmart and picked up a pair of sweat pants and a pair of pj's. I have nightgowns, but they seem either a little immodest in front of my brother (they aren't really, just how I feel), or are not quite warm enough. Not that he keeps the heat down or anything, just me. I can put the sweat pants under the gowns, and I should be fairly warm enough.

Today, I want to and ordered a device that holds up to 100 gel caps for filling at a time, and the LDS Preparedness book.

The LDS Preparedness book is part "prepper". We all know that things can happen and that is why we are already frugal-minded. But this book is supposed to help you know how much you need per person for a whole year.
It always helps to have a written source to turn to in case you can't get on line to google something, or youtube is turned off.

Once I get my own place (after I get a job), I want to start rebuilding my pantry, and to make sure i have all kinds of items that I let run down a bit - down to 30 rolls of tp right now. After having a few hundred rolls, this seems downright puny.

I didn't leave my old mindset when I left NJ. I will need every bit of grit and determination I have to get ahead here, but I am going to thrive where planted.

Better go for now!

Happy New Year everyone!!