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Abear, Ive never had any trouble shopping over the net , thank goodness!! I try to stick with places that are well known and have security check out systems.

I have been a victim of identity theft though. Thankfully through a lot of investigating, I was totallycleared. Household Finance will buy your name through a company and add you to their mailing lists, then they will send you a preapproved check (such a scam in itself). They bought my name and somehow got my fathers mailing address from where I used to live 10 years ago and mailed it there. As far as they can tell, someone who was living in the house now must have forged my name and cashed the check.....they got away with it the amt. of $5000. I had to go through a thorough investigation and take writing tests, talk with 2 different police sargents, along with HHF's investigators. It was on my credit report for over 6 months before I was cleared. Ill never forget the day that I got a phone call telling me that I was 3 months late on my $150. payment schedule! Of course they didnt belive me in the begining. What a pain in the butt!!

With all of the cases that are occuring now, Im so thankful that I was cleared and no real damage was done. There are so many victims out there that have their lives ruined by some scumbag out for a good time.

All I can say is be carefull!!

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