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Hi Jayne from another Jayne! I'm 48 and a Nana to 3 wonderful grandchildren. I have a 6 (soon 7) and a 5 year old granddaughters and a grandson who is 13 months. The 5 year old lives with us with her divorced mom. In fact both of the mommy's are divorced so must work. I get to babysit which means I'm a SAH Nana! I love it most of the time . There are times......But I wouldn't give up my time with my precious little one's for anything. I too fall in the older than their friends mom's and not as old as their grandparents category. Fortunately I LOOK younger than I am (we won't talk about how old I FEEL ) but I still feel awkward with the mommy's at the youngest granddaughter's child enrichment program. I try to let the mom's do the kiddy things with them and fill in as needed. In the interim I have little free time with all the running. With summer coming up (today is the last day in fact) I will be looking for ways to keep them entertained and will try to just fit in as I can. I'll be watching for ideas and suggestions and wish you the best!
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