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It would be nce if the school could be of help, but they are having the bad effect too! A couple of things that have happened there are: when granddaughter was having bad asthma problems she was prescribed several meds for a couple weeks including using the nebulizer, which could not be used at school so she was put on a 2 week course of prednisone. The school nurse called DIL and told her she was NOT gong to give prednisone to a child because the child had no business being on it, it has too many side effects; never mind the child's doctor prescribed it and at some times it is necessary! School nurse is no help.... Most recent incident again with the school nurse, principal and teacher all joining together. I pack her school lunches and give her nutritious ones not junk food. She usually takes a slider size sandwich ( cheese & lettuce; tuna salad, benedictine, flavored cream cheese,bologna and cheese to name a few choices), carrot sticks, celery sticks, grape tomatoes (not all three each day), pretzels or baked sugar snap pea crisps, and either grapes, or an orange. She loved sassaffras tea so would include that occasionally, along with other real fruit juice. She is always getting made fun of because she doens't have junk food. no potato chips, cookies, cupcakes etc. ( one child that is the worst with it packs her own lunch and she typically brings candy, cookies, chips and dip etc..) The kids started complaining that her lunch and drinks stink, so the nurse took her drink away from her one day as she came into school. On a conference call the nurse, principal and teacher called the mom and told her the drink had a chemical smell to it and they had it in the refrigerator for her to come smell it. It was apple juice that day not even sassaffras tea! So mom tells her about the tea and the fact that we are on well water which has a sulpher content to it. It is safe to drink, but if you aren't use to it you think it smells. So now she takes bottled water because she isn't allowed to bring drinks from home!

So school is no help what so ever with anything as they are listening to the other kids and continuing to let them make fun of her because of her lunches. She was buying it, but once mom and dad finally looked at the menu and saw what C _ _ _ they were giving and how small portions they decided take from home was better. Surprised me!

Then we found out she had started even throwing most of the take from home away in the garbage; so the lying has carried over even into meals now.... I refuse to give her a snack after school once we figured out she wasn't eating her lunch. So new rule is homework first and if mom and dad aren't home from work when that is done she can then have a healthy snack. I do give her a drink while doing homework.

It is so hard to try and keep her before and after school in my home and have to deal with all the "stuff" that is beyond my control as far as doing what is right. I realize I'm not the parent and DS is only the step dad so even he feels somewhat limited at times(he has said so in the past, now I'm not sure; I just don't bring it up).
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