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Originally Posted by cat lover View Post
It just floors me that all this is going when my son was not raised this way.
I do think a lot of the woes we are seeing today in both marriages and common-law relationships, is not only a lack of understanding (and knowing) the person you are getting involved with (prior to tying yourself down), and a lack of basic people and parenting skills.

As I told one neighbour, society runs amuck nowadays and nothing means nothing. The non-caring attitude that's so prevalent in todays' day age doesn't (at all) surprise me, for when I see women out running around town with sweat pants on, their hair still wearing the matted and sloppy look of bedhead, no makeup - no nothing, I see their children being raised the same. A complete and total reflection on what home-life (more than likely) consists of in those people's homes and related to their children.

I pity todays generation of kids.
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