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I wonder if the school could help, at least repeat what the doctor has said.

I had the reverse call from the school Nurse when dd1 was in the 2nd grade. they said she was under weight (no she wasn't), I told the nurse that I wasn't going to feed her potatoe chips when she wanted raw cabbage for a snack. I also reminded the nurse that she was a year younger than most of her classmates and to not compare them apples to apples.

We had the 2 bite rule in our house which still applies to everyone (I hate cooked spinach but everyone else loves it). Which is a rule that dd1 has brought into her marriage. Her step-daughter has some issues with eating (mom lets her get away with drinking milk all day long and not eating meals) and has to eat 2 bites of everything (meat, veggie, fruit, rice/pasta) before she can be done and get milk.

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