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In my house as the boys were growing I did not run a restaurant, we had good meals and they ate was was made or they went hungry till the next meal, with nothing to eat until the next meal. At some point we even covered they plates and the next meal it was reheated. They eventually figured it out. I was always one for they had to at least try everything given, and they actually never had anything they truly didn't really like after trying it.

It just floors me that all this is going when my son was not raised this way. I think I have the "bottom floor": of what is going on.... DIL had her daughter unmarried in an abusive relationship, he never married her and walked out soon after baby was born. DIL was raised by her unmarried mother who had a relationship with a then married man and he wanted her to have an abortion. She didn't, but DIL spent more time at her grandmothers because "mom and dad" were too busy with their bar life to involve a child. Once they finally married much later DIL's "meals" were McDonalds sitting in front of the TV by herself. The rest of the day she was in front of the TV eating chips, cookies, candies, etc literally all day. Mom and dad was up all night at the bars so they came home and slept till 2pm and then went back to the bars. A very weird upbringing in my eyes and I;m sure I don't know it all. Grandma that raised DIL most of the time tried to fix it all with food.. she was a very large woman herself (300+ lbs), and I guess she thought comfort could be given by food, I just don't know. I just can't imagine seeing a child so overweight growing up that you would continue to let that happen, but here it is again....

DS has told me DIL handles things with her parents as he does with us and he has told me; well granddaughter is big because look at mom, grandma and great grandma; he has closed his eyes to how big the granddaughter really is. Him and DIL aren't the best in feeding nutritious meals to her. One of the things she gets away with at home is eating junk for a meal, pizza rolls is a main stay for her and as much as she wants! In the past when we have taken them out to eat, they fill her plate with mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, pizza....

Her natural grandfather has diabetes so I expect granddaughter to turn up with it. THe child's doctor has told them at 4 she was obese and that has not changed....
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