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Sometimes there is no other recourse other than to sit back and watch the woes unfold, however, it's awful to know what a lifetime of troubles the girl is being conditioned to suffer.

My kids were still at the baby highchair stage when I would tell them, NO, you never finished your supper tonight so NO dessert. They'd cry like the dickens but I never gave in. In our house, finishing your meal (the nutritional side of eating) was number one, then came a reward of enjoying dessert.

If and when a big enough fuss unfolded (and unfold they did), a spanking was administered, said child put in their room in their crib, and we looked toward a fresh new start the following day.

If I had a child with tendencies to put on weight at an early age or was packing a little too much weight, I'd make that child my personal project and address the issue to the fullest, right up to and including shutting off all needless sugars and frivolous things.

Then again, society has parents who care, and those who don't. I seen enough of the don't back in my old babysitting days.

How did you handle diet and mealtime in your home, CL? Or should I say, defiance towards such?
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