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With their behavior, the other grandparents undoing any thing I have tried to do and basically the child's behavior I am stepping aside. I can't change any of it and she has turned into such a sneaky child that she is unpleasant to even have around. She is very smart and knows she can get away with anything with everyone,but she also knows I can see through it all, but can't do anything about it.

At this point I don't even trust her at all she has done some things at home and school and is still playing it up with all those that believe she is the right one; even though she has been caught doing wrong.

The parents have decided that we have all including them have been too hard on her and that is causing all the problems excluding them feeding her wrong! So time for me to sit back and let them deal with the problems that are there and will be coming to them as the parents and I can know that I tried to no avil to stop and help her before she lands in jail or a children's home, because that is were she is headed.
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