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Read another Harlequin book in the Intrigue series.

Investigating Christmas by Debra Webb and Regan Black.

This super rich Tech Tycoon will do anything to keep the love of his life and her family safe this Christmas.

When the woman who left him comes back desperate for help, sexy billionaire Rush Grayson is thrilled. He still wants and needs Lucy Gaines, but Lucy only needs his professional help--to rescue her abducted sister and nephew. The strong willed independent woman thinks she's over Rush. She'd never be foolish enough to fall for a man incapable of love.

But as Rush and Lucy begin a harrowing race against time to free her family, the fire between them blazes. Now they must use Rush's brilliant invention to outwit the ruthless kidnapper, or neither will live to see a Christmas family reunion....

This book was full of suspension.

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