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My frugals this week are to continue to pack lunch from home, breakfast too. Made that roasted cauliflower last night, frugal was picking out all the gnats that had worked their way under the cello wrapping, but after a good rinse and look over, pieces into the pan, drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper, then into a 400F oven for a bit (not sure how long)...dh still down with stomach flu so we made some waffles from the freezer that I made up months ago, and some scrambled eggs.

Still eating veggies but some hard candies have worked their way into my diet, now how did that happen

Anyways, feel better than a month ago...not sure if pounds lost though.

Sueanne, I am delighted to hear that ds has a gf...he really looks like a nice fellow and lucky are those children to have him to think of them, too!

Norma, I like a salad, even the day after also, nice to have a good one, too!

Roberta, sheesh! I hope those paychecks show up soon!
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