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Originally Posted by Smiling Dawn View Post
Strawberry and rhubarb go hand in hand, don't they?
I have a very small rhubarb plant. Dh really likes the flavor. I should make him a pie, too. I think my grandma would freeze rhubarb. How would you do that?
You can freeze rhubarb. Use only good quality rhubarb. If the stalks are fibrous, be sure to remove the stringy fibers. Clean the rhubarb and cut into ready to use pieces.
Use either freezer containers or freezer bags. If using containers allow enough headspace in the freezing containers or even in the bags before sealing to allow for expansion when the rhubarb freezes.
Place the rhubarb in the coldest part of the freezer so that they will freeze as quickly as possible. Store for up to 9 months.
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