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Happy New Year!! everyone..
guess everyone, including myself, was super busy in December since there weren't many posts here.. I'm in between knitting projects right now, although going to start another one in a week or so..
we had our family Christmas yesterday, but at dd#2's house 2 hours away.. they didn't have any transportation so dd#3 decided that we all needed to make the trip so we could all be together this one time a year.. and I was thankful that she did, I was a bit upset that we couldn't all get together, if I'd had my mini van I would have made the round trip to bring dd#2 and her family down here, but no one else would make the trip since it was 2 hours one way.. , but all turned out just fine..
no other news around here.. just work and home most days.
hope everyone has a safe and healthy New Year..
take care all,
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