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Thank you Emmjean! For some reason I can never remember the name of that movie! Short Circut! And we have it too! I was just too lazy to go and look for it! Im glad I "Sparked" your memory of the column which I still cant spell! Spell check? whats that??LOL! Takes too long for this very impatient person.
I forgot about Kindergarten Cop being some filmed there too.
Where is Homedale, Idaho? I went to Pocatello last summer....all I will say is that was an experiance. Very laid back there.
We are going to Couer D"Alene in April for bowling tornament and cant wait cuz we love it there so we will spend extra days afterwards enjoying. it ok if I shortened? We go to Reno, Nevada about 4 times a year and we drive there being a 11 hour drive...we stay in Asland, Oregon the first night...then to Reno. On the way back we stay in Klamath Falls, Oregon(there are NO Falls there, BTW) and we always go to Crater Lake. That is my fav place to go. So BEAUTIFUL and peaceful! I love their souveneer shop the best of course! The last time we were there was in June...end of June. 1/2 the mountain was closed cuz they were still plowing it and there was still 5 feet of snow!! It was 102 degrees in Klamath.....and 30 minutes to the Crater it was snowing!
we left Reno on Thursday and it was in the hundreds....on Monday they had a blizzard! This was the 1st of July! I had buds there at that time cuz we were there for a tourney and I talked to them before they left to go to Reno and was asking me the weather...of course I told them it was 100 dregrees all week...they only brought shorts, summer type clothes etc. They were there when blizzard hit and of course no warm clothes! Too weird! The power went out in the bowling stadium so everything got all messed up for them..Im glad we went when we did! I just cant imagine!

Jabber jaws is a going!...later all!....Nancy(bowlergrl2000)
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