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vacation in Oregon

This is a long post--sorry.
First, write to the chamber of commerces in the town/city you are visiting and any others within 60-100 miles. Tell them when you are going to be there and ask for local events and things to see. One of my fondest memories is stopping to watch a local parade in Ogalalla, Nebraska and eat lunch on the hood of the car as we vacationed.
I grew up near Astoria. The other posts are right. It is a nice place. Taking the free ride across the Columbia to Washington is very nice. If you turn left off the bridge, you will come to Fort Stevens--an old army fort with gun(less) placements to explore--take a flashlight. Further on you come to the town of Long Beach, Wash. There is a store called Marsh's that has all kinds of souveniers to buy plus old music boxes and other things you can play for 25 cents or so. They also have Jake, the alligator man's mummy. (As a child I thought this was fascinating!) If you turn south again and follow the signs to Ilwaco, Wash you can visit the lighthouse at North Head. The beach at Long Beach, Wa is the longest beach in the world (so they claim).
When you return to Oregon, turn west and besure and visit Fort Clatsop on your way to Seaside--which is a wonderful place to visit. Fort Clatsop is where Lewis and Clark spent the winter. At Seaside, you can see where Lewis and Clark's men boiled sea water for salt. There wasn't much of the Peter Ireland wreck left last time I was there. You get to it soon after you leave Fort Clatsop. But the best kept secret it that you can always find whole sand dollars on the beach there.
Cannon Beach is wonderful. I love walking on it. Be sure you go to Ecola State Park nearby. They filmed part of Goonies there and also Kindergarten Cop. Take the time to walk down to the beach from the parking lot. Ecola is north of Cannon Beach.
If you continue down Hwy 101, there are lots of lookouts and places to see that are marvelous.
If you get as far as Honeyman State Park, be sure you stop and see the sand dunes. They are about 50+ feet high. We used to climb them and then try and run down--almost impossible. They sand is fine and white. The only other dunes I've ever seen like that is Sleepign Bear Dunes in in Michigan.
Ashland, Ore has Shakespeare plays. They aren't too costly and we enjoyed them a lot as kids.
The other two places I would suggest that you visit are Crater Lake--it is a huge volcano that fell into itself and is absolutely breathtaking. And last, be sure you visit the Columbia River Gorge. There are waterwalls, Vista Point, Bonneville Dam, a short hike up the Eagle Creek trail is the Punchbowl--which you see in lots of calendars, and cross into Washington at Cascade Locks and climb Beacon Rock.
If you are driving into eastern Ore, be sure to cross the Columbia in Washington and visit the Maryhill Museum ( east of The Dalles, Ore) and the replica of Stonehenge.
As you can see, I think it is a fascinating place to visit. Lots and lots to see. Email me if you want more on a specific place.
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