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Sueanne the pictures are lovely.I hope all goes well with your eyes. Dh hates it when they put the drops in, it takes him hours to see again

Norma I hear you with the over collecting. I try to be well stocked on what we use all the time but not go crazy. I keep reminding myself I'm not going months with out a major paycheck any more. I have stopped sending someone back to the store for missing ingredients. I either substitute or make something else

I had 2 bunches of kale from the CSA, that none would eat so I made a pot of chicken noodle soup . Used the kale in making the broth. Turned out great & will be supper tonight & freeze rest for lunches. Sent Art to the meat market for big meat sale. He only buys what is on the list & is not tempted by the sale prices. A lot of rain & humid as heck here.
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