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Norma, It is amazing how all the flowers and trees grow in Florida with all this heat all year. Even evergreen trees thrive here. Think it is the soil with the sand in it and how it holds moisture. My lawn looks the best this year even though it has been the hottest summer. My lawn man keeps the grass higher in the summer so it doesn't burn. We only water twice a week in the summer and once the rest of the time. My well water seems to keep it healthier with the irrigation sprinkler. Surprised how the house outside has stayed clean this year no mold or algae around. Had all the bags from trimming the other day to put out this morning when they showed up early at 6 o'clock this morning waking the neighborhood as they drove by. Guess they knew my side of the neighborhood always put a lot out so they beat us coming earlier. Have to wait another week for yard collections. It was beautiful this morning again some areas by the ocean had heavy rain.
Have an eye doctor appointment so don't want to spend too much time in the afternoon sun. They usually dilate my eyes and do tests so won't be going shopping afterwards. I am sure you will love living in Florida when it gets cooler.

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