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hanks ya'll..
Connie that's great Jasmine and Jeremiah all pitch in and gave a helping hand..
Love craft fairs, as well as flea markets

I was up at the daughter and grand's last week, and had to return home Fri where I could help the queen council to price and get ready Saturday for our Craft fair we had with the Senior Citizens.. then Sat I helped with that with supper with my red hat Miss Kitty group and then to go to church that I had been missing for the last 2 Sundays and then be goign back tomorrow back to thier house..

Pageant Lucheon on Thursday, the 21st but was thinking that was on a Weds. until a friend informed me it was Thurs.. LOL, thak goodness for that.

I've been thinking of doing a facebook page for those that been wanting to follow me, but I have mixed feelings and have no idea what to call it..

Right now i'm looking for sponsors to help me with me getting a page in the program by donations... I have a few business that is sponsoring me which Is a help..
I'm working on pictures and will have alot of pictures done while I'm up there as the son in law has been doing photography I found out for 10 years.

I'm going to get a picture

1)of myself with my frogs
2) picture of my grandkids and daughter with me
3( picture of my grands by themselves with me
4) picture of my daughter and me togethr

reason for those laSt 2 as I do not know how much I will get to have my own page and I may have to shorten the amount of pictures so doing it both ways to play it safe.
5) of course a picture of my chapter
6) I want to get a picture of the ladies in my church around me..

To bad I couldn't gather yall up to put around me as well.. LOL.. now that would be the talk of all talk.. but fun to be together, but not enought hours in the day to get alot done.. LOL..

Then while I'm there Melissa will be working with me on my dance to make sure I'm doing it correctly..

I just wish John was here to see this new adventure,, I know he would be pleased how I have stepped out of the comfort zone to do this..

I'm still looking for dresses and dance outfit..

I better get my behind up and get busy and finish packing to leave in the Am as I need to make a few stops before getting there..

see ya'll when I get back.. but am busy Saturday with my red hat chapter..
I now have 16 ladies ...

I miss John, but I am moving on with my life and enjoying it, while there is still time left..

I would still like to do alot more, like traveling, and who knows that may occur.l and has some since I have gone on 2 vacations with my daughter now.. Last March was to TN.. another old story there.