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Pam I weeded early! Before it was in the 90s.

I don't know if we the now house/was a church is a Pokemon stop. I know Jasmine found Pokemoms in the house and outside.

Feliscia that flea market looks like fun!!

Fair is next week or this week? I want to enter some open class items. The other two years I entered, I was yelled at/ scolded about not doing things right. Seems things change and don't follow what is in the fair book. Crazy town.

I have bought blinds twice and they still don't fit. Frustrating since I have to drive to the city to return them. I don't know if I will wait to buy more when I am back in the city or try to make something. Our kitchen gets so hot with these long windows. If I can find time I will make some. I have rods. I can make the ones I posted last month. Earlier this month? Out of fabric not burlap so I can wash them. I think I have some burlap like fabric in my stash. I wonder if I have enough. If nothing else I can use sheets!
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