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Hi everyone.. Felicia, I had read about the boys being shot at and also about the earthquake.. I know there is a fault through FL but that earthquake came from the Atlantic.. glad there was no damage reported with that, but if it had happened at night I think more people would have felt it..

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.. had a nice bd even though I had to work.

Took dh to the neurosurgeon in Myrtle Beach and dh told him that we really would like a referral to a Wilmington dr, mainly because of the traveling.. closer to us. So, dr didn't even look at the cd sent from the hospital.. told dh that 'this visit didn't happen then', had to pay $27 for 15 minutes of his time though.. One bill already paid.. LOL.. I got the name of a good neurosurgeon in Wilmington and Jim called the primary care dr to give her the name for her to give to the Myrtle Beach neurosurgeon so he could refer dh.. hopefully we'll hear something this week.

dh starts therapy on Monday, found out he'll be going twice a week the rest of this month.. Hopefully he'll be improved enough to cut back to once a week or not at all.

dd#1's 41st bd is today.. her dh took her out to dinner and a movie (and he doesn't usually like to go to movies).. I'm going to fix her a bd dinner on Tuesday when I'm off and she's put her request in for oven barbecued chicken..

sounds like you are doing great Barb.. a pageant is a large undertaking and I wish you luck, as well as with the grief group too..
Connie.. weeking in this heat is also an accomplishment, don't think I could do it..

Take care all, have a great week
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