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Connie: I wonder if the church/now house is a Pokemon Go stop? It is raining again so I have to drive my son to work, he can't take his scooter. We collect Pokemon balls on that game on the way, he does, I just drive. He can catch them even when I am driving. I slow down a little, lol.
That game looks fun. Too bad people are acting crazy about it and doing dumb things. If you saw the latest news, here where I live in Palm Coast, a man shot at 2 boys in a car who were playing because they were parked outside his house. It was early like 1am but still, call the police, don't just walk out in the road and shoot.
Stupid people like that give gun owners a bad name. That is not what a gun is for!

I woke up to read that the town south of me, Daytona Beach, had an earthquake 3.7 out in the ocean. I didn't feel anything, or if I did, I slept through it.

Congrats Barb! I'm so glad to see you enjoying life to it's fullest.

My daughter went to Brimfield Antique Flea Markets yesterday - up in Ma. I miss that! She bought a beautiful stained glass window. I bet you'd like Brimfield Connie!

Brimfield Flea Markets 2016 - Brimfield Antique Flea Markets 2016

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