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Late happy birthday to those I missed.

Jasmine and I went grocery shopping yesterday. It was hot, the humidity is in the 90s. Today it is suppose to be 103. It rained last night so it will be humid. We need to rain badly. The lakes are looking so much better.

I pulled weeds in the garden today. I have to get the mess fixed this week or give up on the garden. I don't want to give up so I am pulling a lot of weeds. I hope I can save the plants. I am resting then I will take a shower, I need one. lol

I came home from work Friday and Jasmine had organized the mess in my craft room and organized the walk in pantry. Jeremiah grilled a wonderful dinner. I almost cried. I had a fun day at work too. I worked all day by myself, very busy in the morning but dead in the afternoon. I have been put in charge of a book sale. It will be a continuing sale with one cart full of books, hardbacks for a $1, more for the sets. I am decorating the wall and the cart. I created with the Cricut most of the afternoon. I have a Silhouette so it is a bit of a learning curve but fun. We are using the school colors to decorate so I want to use the mascot too. I am making streamers from old books cut into circles.

Congrats Barb!

We have new neighbors too. This is a first for us, a family has moved into what was the parsonage. The church/our house now and parsonage/a rental are about twenty feet apart. They have little kids too. We are building a gate for the deck on the pool. We don't have a fenced in yard and it isn't in the budget now. I am thinking a pallet fence would look nice.
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