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Hi all.. it was a little cooler today and yesterday.. didn't hit the triple digits they were predicting.. LOL

had a thunder storm last night and tonight... more lightning and thunder tonight than last night though

I'm unable to get into my email right now, hopefully I'll get that fixed tomorrow... the server changed the way to sign in and everyone with email was supposed to change their sign-in before one day last week.. mine didn't get changed because the link in their message does not work.. will try to stop by the office, but if not that a phone call should fix it..

one of my associates was in a bad way on Friday. I really feel that she was having a nervous breakdown and I really hope that she is feeling better now.. don't know for sure, but I know they sent her home-just not sure how unless a member of management took her.. She was so frazzled she could not remember her locker combination.

finally have two tomatoes on my tomato plants, hope they keep growing and I hope we get some more..

that's it tonight, really need to get some sleep, dh's dr appointment is at 10 am..

take care all,
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