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What is your occupation and those that are in your family?

I am a SAHM. I enjoy to sell on eBay to make extra $$.

My dh is a trouble shooter for a local power company. This job means when power is out he is called first to assess what is needed to restore power and fix it if he is able, or call a crew in to complete the job. He was called out last night at 3:30am.
He works 3 different shifts: 6 am-2pm; 8am-4pm; 2pm-10pm. These shifts are 5 days a week: Sunday-Thursday, Monday-Friday, or Tuesday-Saturday. He has 11 coworkers in this department.

My oldest dd (20) is a full time nanny and she sells Norwex for extra $$.

My next 2 dd (17 and 15) both work at a local ice cream shoppe. Dd#2 has been employed there for 2 years. The 15 year old just got hired 2 weeks ago to make the ice cream treats for the summer.

The 15 year old and my 12 year old also pick asparagus for a local man. His field is just over 2 acres, I think. They pick, clean, and bag it. Yesterday they picked 74 pounds. It takes a few hours. They enjoy the opportunity.
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