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hi again prarierose!

I have 3 dogs, Hyacinth my golden retriever is 3, Pearl my dalmation dobie mix is 2, and my sweet baby Chloe' is almost 1!
I love them all so much! We also lost our first4 dogs, one at only4 years was hit by a car, the other 3 lived long happy lives. We put our chow down at the age of 12, she had a brain tumor. Our Lab was also 12 and just walked in one day and had a heart attack. And my little peke had to be put down cause of stomach cancer. I loved each and every one and miss them. I am a crazy woman with the sewing machine I make teddy bears and scrub tops for mydd who's a nurse and all kinds of stuff! I love to cook and surf the net! And I love music! Especially Enya and Sarah Mclahglin. This is a great site, I am enjoying it so much!

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