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Cat pulling fur out.

My cat, Fluffy had a scab on her back that never came off after several months. She lost her other feline friend of 14 years who crossed over to Rainbow Bridge last November. We took Fluffy to the Vet in March. He picked the scab off her back and a smaller one off her leg, gave her a shot of slow working antibiotics and said it didn't appear there were any tumors underneath. She had to wear a cone for two weeks and seemed to be doing better but now she has pulled a large amount of fur out of her tail so dh got some liquid bandaid from the Pet store and put the cone back on her. The vet said she has a heart murmur so surgery would be dangerous and also thinks she may have a thyroid problem, but her weight hasn't changed. Anyone else ever have a cat who pulled their fur out by the mouthfuls? She only has a couple teeth left to do this with.
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