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Against many of my other family member's advice, I'm seriously considering buying a trampoline for our backyard (it's the first backyard I have every had with space in it). Trampolines don't seem to be that expensive and I've been reading about how many calories you can burn - how they are actually low impact on joints, and that they do something positive to your lymphatic system (something with the bouncing?).

My son got to play on a neighbor's trampoline that was enclosed. He loved it, it seemed safe, and he actually went to bed early that night, so I'm sort of sold. Are there any recommendations or warnings anyone has about trampolines? I think this will be good for my wife and I too - to shed some weight. This site does trampoline reviews and I'm thinking about an enclosed one since my son is only 3.

Trampolines with Enclosure Reviews & Ratings | Trampoline PI

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