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Overweight girl 7 years old

Without mentioning anyone by name as not to offend anyone; how to help a child slow down in size without putting on a diet! This child is 7 and wearing size 14 panties because she has such a huge bottom and belly. The rest of her is in a large size also. Mom can only buy sweat style pants for her so they will fit, but even those don't really.

I try to "limit" foods when she is in my care and watch very close what she eats. But when she is at home she gets carbs and sugar over and over! And at grandmas house she has a candy drawer that she can have whenever she wants, chooses her own foods, and does nothing but sit in front of the TV and eat all the wrong things! Never gets to go outside and play!

I get her out as much as I can at my house and do everything I can and if she was just here we would be making some headway, but she stays with grandma and then home isn't much better. So she slides backwards and looses all our headway!

Doctor has mentioned her weight issue, but it goes in and out the ear as fast as it is said! She is being set up for so much pain and she is already starting to get teased at school because of her weight!

Anyone else gone through this?
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