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I live in a small town where all of my friends work......most of them still have kids at home so they are very busy with their families which makes it tough when you don't really have that much of a routine anymore :p . Dh works locally and has a good bit of down time this time of year which is nice, but from about November through March I never see gets really lonely then. I try to stay busy and spend way too much time on here. My puppy is a poodle and is my little dream dog. She is almost perfect (I sound like one of THOSE mothers don't I?). I don't know what I would have done after we had put our 12 yr. old dog down in Oct. had I not gotten her a couple of months later.
I know it is really hard to fill the hours, with not many people around to interact with, that's what makes this a wonderful outlet, yes? So tell me about your dogs..? What about your hobbies?
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