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Hi PrarieRose!.....It is good to know I am not alone!....My Girls both left about the same time in 1999....My youngest has a soon to be 4 year old son, and I babysit him about2 hours each day...I love being athome ....I tried working part time last year and hated it, I just want to be at home....we live okay on dh's income, It's tight but we are fine......As I said my worst problem is finding others who are in this position...I tried going to water aerobics at the YMCA, but the ladies in the classes were all senior citizens....felt way out of place!....most of the women in my neighborhood are either working or have little I fill my time with my 3 dogs, and alot of hobbies.....What kind of puppy do you have?....Aren't dogs the best? Mine have seen me through so much....I have panic disorder and I had a little peke mix that could sense when I was having a bad attack...she passed away last year, and I really miss tell me more about you?....
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